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Coaching Children and Young People 2023



Coaching Children and Young People – British Aikido Board Online Learning Coaching Level 2 Unit

Version March 2023

Coaching Children and Young People 2023
A Guide to Coaching Children and Young People.


Copyright for all materials in whatsoever form published or distributed by the British Aikido Board (The BAB) belongs to The BAB or to the author of the materials where the author is specified. Training materials may be reproduced by other persons for the purpose of training on a not-for-profit basis only provided authorship is acknowledged and permission obtained. Training materials must not be otherwise reproduced except with permission.

As you complete each section and lesson after viewing and understanding the information provided, mark the lesson and quizzes as complete, otherwise you will not be able to complete the course and receive your certificate.

Please ensure you leave the certificate page open for 2 minutes at least when your certificate is being created. Also, after downloading the certificate please send a copy to Grev Cooke so your Coaching Records are updated in the main BAB coaching system.



Coaching Children and Young People 2023

(Level 2)

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